Romanian Throwdown 2019


Romanian Throwdown has become the biggest functional sport event in Romania and now we would love to share this experience across the borders. This is a competition where strategy, tenacity, speed and strength are the most important  skills in order to overcome the obstacles put in front of the athletes that want to become Champions.

Online Qualifier Workout Release Information

Individual Online Qualifiers for SENIOR RX/ MASTERS/ SCALED and BEGINNERS will be released in two  waves. 

  • Week 1 will run from March 25th to March 29th with 3 scored events being released on March 25th at 08:00AM EET. Scores for Week 1 workouts will be due on March 29th at 20:00PM EET. 
  • Week 2 will run from April 1st - April 5th with 3 scored events being released on April 1st at 8:00AM EET. Scores for Week 2 workouts will be due on April 5th at 20:00PM EET

At the end of the Individual Online Qualifier, once all scores are validated, the Top 30 RX Men and Top 15 RX Women, Top 15 Master Men and Top 10 Master Women, Top 30 Scaled Men and Top 20 Scaled Women, Top 20 Beginner Men and Top 10 Beginner Women will earn a invitation to compete at our Main Event in Timisoara, on July 13-14th. If an individual declines that invitation, another invite will be sent to the next athlete in line according to the leaderboard.

Online Qualifier Refund Policy: All sales are final, there will be no refunds given to for Online Qualifier Registration.

The Romanian Throwdown by USC is an annual competitive fitness throwdown taking  place in Timisoara, ROMANIA with the goal of bringing together individual athletes from all around the country and now from all around the world to compete in the spirit of fitness.

The Ultimate Smartfit Challenge has been attracting functional sport athletes of the highest caliber from Romania since its initiation in 2014, and now under ROMANIAN THROWDOWN continues to provide the excitement and challenge sought by athletes internationally, in the heart of Romania’s favorite city.

To qualify for Romanian Throwdown all athletes must complete a two week online competition to earn a spot to the Finals. Shortly after qualifying for the Romanian Throwdown and prior to arriving on site, all  athletes who wish to compete in the Romanian Throwdown will receive an email containing instructions on how to register for the Romanian Throwdown and pay the 50EUR athlete fee.

Romanian Throwdown reserves the right to invite three Rx (Male/Female) athletes to compete in the Finals. The means by which an athlete can earn one of the three at-large bids is solely up to the Romanian Throwdown organisers discretion. Once an athlete receives an invite via an at-large bid, the athlete will have to accept the invite and complete the registration process.