USC: Team Edition 2019


În luna septembrie 2019 va avea loc competiția USC: Team Edition, concurs pe echipe, care se va desfășura pe un traseu cu punctul de plecare la Smartfit Studio 2, iar cel de sosire va fi la Smartfit Studio 1, cuprinzând alte trei locații din Timișoara în care se vor desfășura diverse probe . 
Înscrierile sunt deschise celor curajoși, atât pe plan național, cât și internațional.

Perioada de înscriere: 19 august- 13 septembrie
Taxa de înscriere: 400 Lei/echipă
Cine participă: echipe mixte (3+1/2+2)




  1. To participate to any USC edition every participant must agree with this rulebook.
  2. If the participant gives false information when filling the registration form, he/ she will be disqualified.
  3. All the participants must register and pay the registration fee before the deadline imposed by the staff.
  4. The registration fee is 100 €/team. If the competition is cancelled, the registration fee will be refunded to all the participants.
  5. The participants must be at least 16 to register for this competition. All the participants under 18, must have a written consent from their parents at the registration for the semifinals.
  6. Registrations are done individually at the Smartfit receptions or online, by filling a registration form.
  7. It is the participants responsibility to auto-evaluate their abilities and register to the most appropriate category for their fitness level.
  8. The teams will be mixed, 3+1 or 2+2. The competition is dedicated for athletes at all levels.





  1. All participants must show a sport behavior. All the contradictory discussions with other participants or with the staff members, sabotaging by any means the other participants WOD`s execution during the competition, can lead to disqualification.
  2. Before every event, it will be communicated and explained to the participants the standards for each exercise just once. All the information will be given by one of the Head Judges or Observers.
  3. It is the participants responsibility to be present at every event- briefing. Those who are not present at these technical sessions will lose the right to make an appeal to the specific event. If this happens twice the athlete will lose the right to make an appeal throughout the contest.
  4. Only the athlete or his coach has the right to make an appeal. The appeal can be made in the first 30 minutes after displaying the final ranking.
  5. Camera or telephone recorded videos, photos or any media means will not represent a good reason for changing the judge’s decision about the participants score. It is a decision that only the Head Judge or the Observer of the competition can take. They can take into account these proofs and they can make the final decision, without being influenced by external factors.
  6. If one of the athletes is not participating at one of the event he/ she will not be scored at that event, but he remains in the competition.
  7. Throughout the entire event, the participant will be judged by one person designated by the staff, which will be called JUDGE. This person doesn’t have the obligation to count out loud the reps or to offer suggestions about the execution of the movements. The communication between the athletes and the judges has to be formal.
  8. The participants are responsible to execute the movements imposed for the specific event at the standards described at the beginning of the event. If they are not following the standards the judges will not score the reps.
  9. The organizers or the judges can, at any time during the competition, stop the competition if they think there is a high risk of injury for the participants.
  10. In case of a conflict between the judge and one of the athlete, the judge must warn him. If this happens again, the Observer must be called up in order to analyze if the athlete will be disqualified or not.
  11. Throughout the events, the athletes must wear the competition’s T-shirt, with the Ultimate Smartfit Challenge logo. When the events are completed, the participants can change their outfit